Stacker/lifter TD

Tensyland range machine designed to remove, transport and pile-up de ‘T’ beams, hollow core slabs, solid slabs, other.

Self-propelled with diesel motor and electric start. Loading capacity from 1.000 kg to 2.000 kg. mounting 8 balanced wheels, out of them 2 or 4 are hydraulically operated driving wheels depending on the model, with speed regulation.

Different models according to the need of each project.


  • Adjustable clamps for the different lengths.
  • Maximum piling heights from 1.200 to 1.600 mm.
  • Fast clamp change.
  • Self-propelled with diesel engine.
  • Platform for the operator.
  • Central lifting mechanism for the operator.
  • Protecting lid with acoustic signalisation and beacon.
  • Available in electrically operated version.

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Machine pour décalaminage Moteur Diesel -Essence -GPL

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