Multi-angle cutter CF-1300

Cutting machine to make the cuts of pre-stressed concrete parts by mean a diamond disk of maximum diameter 1300 mm for parts up to 500 mm. thick (higher thicknesses available).

Rotating cutting head assembly enabling cross cuts as well as longitudinal or any angular.


  • Self adjusted cutting speed.
  • Maximum cutting thickness 500 mm. Other thicknesses available.
  • Disk diameter from 800 to 1300 mm.
  • Control panel with Programmable Logic Controller.
  • Touchscreen display to enable the cut of the parts according to different programs.
  • Winders for the electrical cable and the water hose.
  • Auxiliary water tank with pressure unit.
  • Disk driving asynchronous motor 55kW.
  • Telescopic lid to protect the cutting disk during the automàtic positioning.
  • Optional cutting sludge cleaning System.
  • Optional pre-programmed cut along the casting bed.

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